The Popularity Of Online Gambling – Top 12 Reasons Why Betting On The Internet Is So Popular

Internet gambling offers almost all of the appealing elements of traditional casinos, and additionally:

1. Gamblers can play in the comfort of their own homes – no need to go to a casino.

2. New players can learn how to play with step-by-step tutorials without feeling embarrassed that they do not know the rules (as compared to traditional casinos).

3. Online gambling websites offer exciting, modern interfaces that may be especially appealing to younger players and / or those who enjoy video games.

4. New players can initially bet with “play money” which eases the transition to making wagers with real money.

5. Online gambling (especially online poker) tournaments have produced champions who go on to televised poker tournaments – thus becoming idols for those who wish to do the same.

6. Online gambling websites often use celebrities for promotion and at times they even take part in the tournaments, which further adds to the glamour and excitement.

7. The online format of internet gambling allows for games that are simply not possible in traditional casinos.

8. Internet gambling provides an opportunity (albeit a very small opportunity) to win money from home.

9. Online gambling websites make huge profits and have large budgets for advertising.

10. Online casinos often have loyalty programs to encourage more frequent and higher bets.

11. Online gambling is typically faster paced than the games offered in a casino.

12. Younger players who would be turned away at a casino can lie about their ages and easily access online gambling websites.

What Reasons Do People Give For Gambling Online?

According to a study by the American Gaming Association (2006):

Convenience (48%)

Fun / excitement / entertainment (24%)

More comfortable (24%)

Able to win money (9%)

Anonymity & privacy (6%)

Explanations for the popularity of online gambling according to Wood et al. (2007)

Convenience, comfort and ease of internet gambling

An aversion to traditional land-based casinos

Prefer the pace and format of online gambling

Perceived potential for larger wins and lower costs to play

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